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The 3rd Annual Homecoming Cut & Pretty Hair Party Stylist/Barber Submission 

 This is your chance to showcase your talents and put your creativity to the test. Step up and compete against some of the best hairdressers in the industry while proving your skills and taking home the top prize. Get ready to unleash your talents and show us why your style makes a statement. All while partying and celebrating the beauty industry! 

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SMU's Homecoming Hair Battles is designed to present the utmost creativity in the beauty and barber industry. Stylists will have a 15 minutes on stage  to complete the challenge. In the theme of Peacock Pride Originality, creativity, overall presentation  and quality of work (talent) will be judged. Audience participation is a plus! 

General Rules

  1. SMU's Homecoming Hair Battle is the 1st six (6) contestants only per battle.

  2. All competitors and models must sign a release form. Models under the age of 18 must provide a letter of parental consent.

  3. Contestants and models will agree to permit Style Mobb LLC to use their name and likeness for advertising, publicity, videos, and promotional purposes.

  4. The judges’ decisions are final. In the event of the tie, the Competition Chairperson will make the final decision with audience participation.

  5. The rules and regulations of SMU's Homecoming Hair Battle are not to be discussed amongst contestants. If there are questions or concerns, please consult with the Competition Director.

  6. Contestants and models are required to arrive to the prep area thirty (30) minutes prior to stage starting time.

  7. Any additional rules not covered shall be determined by the Competition Director.

Competition Rules


1. Each competitor must transform models hair at least 2  times on stage. Cut Battle: Long Hair to Medium Length to a short cut, and

Pretty Hair: from long pretty hair to Pretty pin-up style.

 ~ Hair extensions, wigs and weave can be used in both battles. Hair extensions must look natural.

In the Hair Cutting category, six stylists and barbers will have five minutes to entertain the audience and transform a model's hair. They will perform an onstage haircut, creating two different styles for each model. The stylists must cut at least four inches of hair and present a complete wearable look. They will be judged based on the transformation of the cut, cutting precision, presentation, and overall final look.


In the Pretty Hair Styling Battle category, six stylists and barbers will also have five minutes to entertain the audience and transform a model hair. This time, they will focus on hairstyling instead of cutting. The stylists must create two different hair styles for each model, such as transitioning from long figure 8 curls to a pin-up style or straight hair to beach waves. The finished hair style should be wearable. Stylists will be judged on the transformation of the style, styling precision, presentation, and overall final look.


All stylists and barbers will have an individual five-minute presentation. The two stylists with the highest scores in each category will then battle head to head on stage. They will have five minutes to perform a transformation on the same model or a new model.


The overall winners of the competition will receive the Homecoming 23 Hair Party Championship, a $2,500 scholarship for the Style Mobb University Master educator grant, and the opportunity to showcase their talent during the 2023 Homecoming Hair barrel on October 29th.


2. Contestants must comb­ out and style model on stage.


3. Competitors are responsible for their own styling tools.


4. Contestant will be given six (6) minutes for their single presentation. In this timeframe, show the judges your completed look.

5. There will be no electrical outlets on stage.


6. Nudity is absolutely banned during presentations. Nudity onstage will result in disqualification as well the presentation being shut down immediately.

7. Only authorized personnel will be allowed back stage. one (1) Assistants & one (1) Make­up Artists, are permitted backstage. No smoking, drinking, or eating​ will be permitted backstage.

8. All contestants must sell 10 tickets to Event. Tickets must be purchased upfront by contestants at $10 a ticket. Admission prices by vary. 


9. Judging will be based on a 1-10 format. Judges will display scoring up to is 10 Points by 5 or 10 for Presentation,  Originality, creativity and Style Execution (Skills). Stylists with highest score will go head to head. Final winner  will be Judged from overall score sheets.

10. Winners must be prepared to perform a 7 minutes Hair Show Cast during the HomeComing Beauty School Hair Battle October 29, 2024 @8pm.

By signing this entry application  you agree to all rules and agree to completing.

Thanks for registering for the Homecoming Hair Battle Party . See you there!

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