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Homecoming Battle

Join us in submitting your application to participate in Style Mobb University's 4th Annual Beauty Education Homecoming Celebration! Get ready for the most welcoming, enjoyable, and competitive student and beauty school battle, all in the spirit of beauty and passion. Let's showcase your talent and creativity in this exciting event.

The 4th Annual Homecoming Beauty School Hair Battle Submission 

 This is your chance to showcase your Beauty School  talents and put your creativity to the test. Step up and compete against some of the best Beauty Schools in  in the industry while proving your educational skills and taking home the top prize. Get ready to unleash your talents and show us why your School makes a statement. 


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 2024 Homecoming competition comprises 3 Battles, 3 Cosmetology Academic levels, 4 Beauty Schools, and 1 stage! The event features unique hair style creations accompanied by skit performances that include elements of dancing, acting, and/or modeling. Each participating school must incorporate the designated battle themes for their specific category and class level group, as this is crucial for the judging process. Here are the categories and classification levels for the students:


Freshmen Group (1 - 250 Hours) level 1 students: 

Mannequin Battle will focus on the theme of "Pretty Hair!" Students will have seven minutes to entertain the audience by presenting two completed mannequin looks displayed on stands. Additionally, they must transform one additional mannequin's hair into an updo, without using hot tools on stage. They will be judged on styling precision, overall presentation, and the final look.


The Sophomore/Junior( 251 - 1,000 hours) Level 2 students

challenge will involve an "On Stage Hair Cut!" Students will have seven minutes to transform the hair of two models, creating two different looks. They must cut at least four inches of hair and present two completed wearable looks. The judges will evaluate the transformation of the cuts, cutting precision, overall presentation, and final look.



The Seniors (1,001 - 1,500 hours) level 3 students will have the opportunity to showcase their skills in the "Fantasy Hair Theme: (theme will announced to registered schools)!" Students will have seven minutes to present a fantasy hair piece on a model, representing the theme. The hair piece must be stable, allowing the model(s) to move and dance freely. Judging will be based on hair stability, execution, overall presentation, and performance.



All contestants/students are judged on the total hair look, creativity,  overall presentation and beauty. This competition will allow the cosmetology students: Hairstylists and MUAs to be as creative as their abilities will permit. Make-up and clothes is also a factor in judging. The competition is open to all schools. All participates must be currently enrolled students only.


Additional Rules: 


  • Your Prep Area: 1 Table & 6 folding Chairs. Only competing students and 3 instructors are allowed in the prep area. 

  • Contestants must have mannequin(s) prepped before entering on the stage and complete the final look on stage.

  • Students are responsible for their own working tools.

  • a 30 point scoring system will be used. The judge's decision is final.

  • A total of (7-10) seven-ten minutes is given to perform. This time is inclusive of prop set-up, entrance/exit, comb-out, and stage presentation. Points will be deducted from your total score for every minute contestants go over allotted time. If any contestants are more than 3 minutes over time allotted, music will be turned off. 


  • Students must remove all debris, props, etc. from the stage after the performance.

  • Showcase music is due by October 1st, 2024 

  • Contestants must maintain a friendly positive attitude. This is a friendly competition to exercise our skills. 


Winners will take the 2024 Homecoming Trophies & Bragging Rights!!!! 

General Rules

By submitting this entry application  you agree to all rules and agree to completing.

Thanks for registering for the Homecoming Hair Battle Party . See you there!

The 4th Annual Homecoming NAIL Battle Submission 

 This is your chance to showcase your talents and put your creativity to the test. Step up and compete against some of the best up and coming Nail Techs in Beauty School while proving your skills and taking home the top prize. Get ready to unleash your talents and show us why your nail designs makes a statement. All while partying and celebrating the beauty industry! 



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SMU's Homecoming Hair Battles is designed to present the utmost creativity in the beauty and barber industry. Stylists will have a 15 minutes on stage  to complete the challenge. In the theme of Peacock Pride Originality, creativity, overall presentation  and quality of work (talent) will be judged. Audience participation is a plus! 

General Rules


Welcome to the Fantasy Nail Design Student Competition, where your creative vision comes to life on stage. This pre-done fantasy nail contest will showcase your imaginative nail designs for our judges, with all attention focused on your creativity, skills, and interpretation of our Peacock-inspired fantasy theme. With no time limits, you have the freedom to present your best work and bring your artistic vision to reality.




- All entries must be completed in advance for judging at the event.

- Pre-done designs will be displayed for judging without the use of models.

- Display/Presentation: 10 tips securely affixed to a plain, sturdy surface measuring no more than 8 inches wide by 10 inches long.

- Use professional nail products such as acrylic, gel, wraps, polish, rhinestones, etc. in creating your nail art.

- Embellishments and adornments should not exceed 35% of the overall design.

- Do not incorporate any copyrighted art, designs, or logos in your nail design.


Judging Criteria:


- Creativity and originality in interpreting the theme: 25 points

- Skills and techniques demonstrated in application, including shaping, sculpting, and intricate details: 25 points

- Detail and precision in creating the overall design: 25 points

- Overall presentation: 25 points


The total possible points for judging is 100. Show off your creativity, skills, and attention to detail in this exciting nail design competition!

Thanks for registering for the Homecoming Hair Battle Party . See you there!

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