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Mastering Our  Beauty Business

Welcome to The Mobb Beauty Incubator! We are here to support and nurture your beauty or barber business as you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. Our dynamic ecosystem is designed to meet the holistic needs of creative entrepreneurs, offering a range of educational programs, expert mentors, and in-house resources to help you succeed. Join us in our our vibrant coworking environment, where like-minded individuals come together to work, learn, and innovate. Let The Mobb be your ally as you master your beauty business and strive for success.

"Empowering Professionals Prosperity: Building Strong Business Infrastructure and Systems for Success"

Meaningful transformation necessitates robust partnerships and collaboration focused on creating impact. As we navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the current social climate, it is imperative to ensure that the Black Beauty and Barber business community has access to essential resources and opportunities for growth. Our goal is to establish proactive support systems that foster growth rather than hinder it, guiding entrepreneurs from ideation to acceleration and beyond. Through connectivity and strategic resources, we aim to cultivate resilient beauty business leaders, empower communities, and drive economic prosperity by creating jobs, generating wealth, and advancing Black beauty professionals pathways to success.  

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OUR AIM – BY 2034:

Mastering. Our. Beauty Business


Generate and 
accelerate 1,000 Black-owned Beauty  businesses



Contribute to the creation of 3,000 new jobs



Produce $1 Billion in New Economic Value*


"Empowering Entrepreneurs from Startup to Scale up"

Our exclusive learning platform, B.O.S.S (Beauty Occupational Skills for Success), is tailored to meet Black entrepreneurs at their current stage, equipping them with practical knowledge and resources essential for building thriving, sustainable businesses.

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