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The Young Professionals Academy

Powered by: Style Mobb Diamonds Foundation 501C3

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The Young Professionals Academy is a Teen's program focused on growing self-love, entrepreneurship skills, business skills, learning the beauty industry trades, developing and improving students’ life skills.

Whether your teen love doing their own imaging needs or interest in the beauty industry as a business and want to take it to the next level, our Young Professionals Academy has the programs, knowledge, and passion to help your teen succeed.

This is a video from our 1st very Teen event in 2016! We are so grateful for the experience we gained from the Teen Weave Workshops and the level of growth we have elevated to. From Teen Weave Workshop to The Young Professionals Academy... the mission is still the same:

Breaking generational curses and creating generational wealth.

Build Confidence ~ Enhance Life Skills ~ Learn Trades ~ Improve Self-Esteem

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Looking for a great program for your teens? SMU Young Professional's Academy is dedicated to enrich and enliven youths in Atlanta. With our teen programs, your teen(s) will be able to master entrepreneurship skills, learn the beauty business trades and foster skills that will last a lifetime.

Our Young Academy programs are designed to emphasize on confidence, learning trades, having fun and excitement – these qualities build healthy foundations for amazing adults and master professionals. These key ingredient is paramount in foundation building.

Coupled with this, our instructors that has years of experience teaching adults and teens trades of the beauty industry while incorporating the life skills. Our knowledge, passion, love and understanding of how to encourage teens and bring out the best within them allow us to build a positive LEARNING environment for our students or Young Professionals (YP) as we like to call them.

The next key component of our Young Professional Academy is focused on building success for our students. This allows our students to build CONFIDENCE,  self-esteem and Self-Love, the most important ingredients for the growth of any child. Watch your child develop their physical abilities and mental focus while earning income on our Honor's List by assisting Master Stylists, having fun learning exciting new skills that boost their overall confidence.

As your child works their way through our training programs, you will be amazed at their increased skills abilities and PERFORMANCE. This is where our Teen training workshops/programs validate itself, as your child is able to perform with confidence and pride in their new found successes in every area in their life.















Our goal-orientated Teen programs are a major factor in motivating our students to continuously strive to be the best they can be. Our Honors Incentive System provides a framework where our students are rewarded for their success. We have found that this allows our students to graduate at the end of a training unit with a sense of achievement.



We are excited about the prospect of having your child join us. We look forward to seeing you and spreading the LOVE for Entrepreneurship and the Beauty business.

After-School Program

The Young Academy




After-School Program

 6 week program, from August -May from 4pm to 7pm Tuesday - Thursday. This program offer a Beauty & Entrepreneur Curriculum. Students will complete a 6 week course of  classes and hands-on  workshops. 

This program is designed to prepare our Young Professionals for several opportunities:

  • Salon/Stylist's Assistance 

  • Professional Braider &/or Weaving Specialist 

  • Successful Business Owner

  • Money management 

  • Sells

  • Business Plans 

Starting Date:  




School Breaks


School Break Camp hours are Monday - Friday 8:45am to 4pm during most school closings such as Winter Break, Spring Break,  Summer Break and School Closings. Students are provided lunch, snack and an enriched curriculum.

Drop-in Workshops & Events

Drop-in workshops and specialty designed classes for teens to simply drop-into learn a quick skill or trade. These are 1 day classes or events. 

Summer Camp Program

Our Summer Camp  Program is designed to be the best summer experience a future Beauty Boss could have. 

This program offer a Beauty & Entrepreneur Curriculum. Students will complete a 6 week course of  classes and hands-on  workshops. 


This program is designed to prepare our Young Professionals for several opportunities:

  • Salon/Stylist's Assistance 

  • Professional Braider &/or Weaving Specialist 

  • Successful Business Owner

  • Money management 

  • Sells

  • Business Plans 

Starting Date: 

2023 Dates Coming Soon

Camp Schedule

Tuesday - Thursday 12pm -4pm 

total price: tba

weekly payments available 

Summer Camp

At SMU's Young Professionals Academy pre-teens & teens enjoy a one -of -a kind summer camp experience, alongside peers and staff who share the same love for entrepreneurship & the beauty business. Weather they just admire looking at beauty pictures, taking care of their own hair, looking to challenge themselves by learning the beauty industry top trades, or they want to learn the skills to be a great leader and self-made boss!!!

Summer Camp is a 6 week course with scheduled hours of Tuesday - Thursday 12pm to 4pm. 

The Young Professionals Summer Camp is an enriched Beauty & Entrepreneur Curriculum designed to prepare teens for beauty industry opportunities by teaching healthy life and career skills, braiding & Sewin techniques and Entrepreneurial skills. Students will complete a 6 week course of  classes and hands-onworkshops.


Curriculum mission:

  • Salon/Stylist's Assistances 

  • Professional Braider &/or Weaving Specialists

  • Successful Business Owners

  • Money management skills

  • Sells

  • Produce realist Business Plans 

Starting Date: 

June 6th, 2023 - July 14, 2023

Must enroll by May 1, 2023

Open House for Enrollments:

April 22, 2023 


Camp Schedule

Tuesday - Thursday 12pm -4pm 

optional: Saturdays 10am - 3pm 

total price: $1,500

$250 weekly payments available 

Beauty Grants Available   

For more information (404)-343-3223

Summer Camp
Teen Weave Workshop
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 If we teach our youth the right way, we will build healthy adults!!!!

The Teen Weave Workshop powered by Style Mobb University & Tiffan’e Nicol for ages 13 to 18!


It’s more then just weave….. we're teaching healthy survival skills, Life skill, leadership skills, character building and self confidence!!!! The best gift you could ever give is the gift of education!!!! We’re on a mission of planting healthy seeds and positive roll modeling!!!! Our youth need positive roll models… Between IG, Reality Tv & the music …. We Foresee a future of damage adults, with superficial dreams, drug abusers & abandonment issues!!!!! Let’s change that, let's bridge the gaps!!!

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What is the  Weave Workshop: The “Weave Workshop” is a conference/ workshop set up for youth led by entrepreneur & professional hairstylist Tiffan’e Nicol and Kay Brown teaching life skills using the trade of hair weaving. Weaving is the platform Tiffan’e Nicol has chosen to stand on due to her 10 plus years in the beauty industry but the message and information given in this event will extend far pass just weaving. Tiffane’s mission is to build up motivated, self-respected, positive, successful young adults! “#YouthMinistry”


The Weave Workshop itinerary consist of Learning the trade of Braiding & Sewing Weave, Self-Image, Social Media Image, Financial advice, career focusing, Goal Setting, motivational speaking & entrepreneur building!

The Teen Weave Workshop want to gift mannequins for Christmas to the youth. Due to our pass Weave Workshop Events, we believe that every teen girl that attend this event wants a human hair mannequin head in their home. Having a human hair mannequin head in home will help our teens master beauty trade skills and utilize idle time. Unfortunately we have teens that's attend this workshop that come from unstable and non-traditional home settlings; so we are calling on our fellow Beauty Bosses and Neighbors to help us put smiles on our youth faces.

Issa Mannequin & Beauty Supplies Drive!!!! Gently used human hair mannequins and brand new mannequins can be drop off at Style Mobb University!  All Mannequins Drop-offs must be in by
Dec. 19th 

Style Mobb Diamonds Foundation 501c3

Young Professionals Academy Application for Summer Camp Only 

Yay!!!! Let's get it Young Millionaires!!!!

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