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For Potential Students:


  1. What programs does Style Mobb University offer? Style Mobb University offers a range of programs in hair, esthetics, nail care, education, business management, and advanced training for aspiring beauty professionals.

  2. Is financial aid available for students? Yes, Style Mobb University offers scholarships and financial aid options for eligible students. Please contact our admissions office for more information.

  3. Do you provide student housing? Yes, we offer student housing assistance for those who require accommodation during their studies at Style Mobb University.

  4. Is job placement available for graduates? Style Mobb University assists students in finding jobs within the beauty industry by hosting job fairs, field trips, and welcoming industry-leading employers as special guests.

  5. How do I apply to Style Mobb University? The application process can begin by submitting your application online or scheduling a campus tour with our admission advisors.

  6. Is there a dual enrollment program for high school students? Yes, we offer dual enrollment for high school students who are eligible to pursue their cosmetology education while still in high school.






For Client Floor Guests:


  1. What services are offered at the student's salon? Our salon offers a variety of beauty services, including hair styling, manicures, pedicures, facials, and more, performed by our talented students under the guidance of experienced educators.

  2. Can I request a specific student for my service? While we do not guarantee specific student requests, we ensure that all services are performed by students who have been extensively trained and supervised by our educators.

  3. Is the salon environment  friendly?  Yes, we have an all inclusive salon culture. All is welcomed!

  4. How can I book an appointment at the salon? To book an appointment at our salon, you can either call our reception desk or book 24- hours  our website by clicking Salon Services to schedule a service with our talented students.

  5. Are there any special promotions or discounts available for salon services?  We occasionally offer promotions and discounts on salon services, so be sure to check our website or follow us on social media for updates on current offers.

When visiting our salon, please remember that you are receiving services from an educational facility. We kindly ask for your respect towards the educational environment, the guidance of our educators, and the learning process of our students. Your patience, constructive feedback, and grace are invaluable in fostering the growth and development of our students. Thank you for supporting their educational journey.




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