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Scholarships and Financial Assistance 

We love supporting the dreams of our Future Master Professionals. That’s why our Financial Office is here to educate Future Master Professionals on the types of financial help available. Future Master Professionals can learn about non-Title IV aid sources of funding, such as scholarships and  Private loads.

Current Scholarship:

$500 Beauty Grant 

Scholarship  award winner rules: 

  • Must maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA and 80% attendance.

  • Must  be  a  Style Mobb  University's students. and complete the full program. 

  • Must be current with tuition payments. 

  • Scholarships are strictly for tuition or student housing. No actually cash will be given to scholarship winners. Scholarship awards will be applied to the students final tuition balance. Students paying for school's tuition  via an outhouse financial company must follow the process of the financial institution. All scholarship winners must  continue to pay tuition 

    payments as schedule. Failure to before delinquent could result in losing scholarship award. 
  • Getting caught doing something illegal or immoral will revoked scholarship awards.
  • ​Providing false information will result in losing scholarship award. 
  • Failure to adhere to SMU's policy, rules and procedures will revoke scholarship awards. 



Why Financing?

  • Many adult professionals require flexible training courses that integrate into their busy lifestyles.  When you are building a brand or business, sometimes finances are redirected to areas outside of advancing education. Financing will allow you to continue to grow or start your business with financial freedom while you learn a new skill in the process. Financing frees up your financial commitments so that you do not have to pay a large lump sum of money for your education at one time.

  • Obtaining a continuing education loan has a variety of benefits and can be used as a credit-building opportunity.  Make every payment in full and on time, to set the stage for future credit interactions.

SMU's In-house Financing 

*Tuition deposits are non refundable

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