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SMU Homecoming is an annual tradition that brings Beauty Education & the Beauty Industry together to celebrate beauty! It's a week-long celebration that occurs in the fall and culminates in a Hair Battle and Hair Styling & Cut parties. Homecoming is a time for SMU's students, alumni, and the community to come together to celebrate the beauty industry spirit and pride.  


SMU Homecoming is a highly anticipated tradition that brings together Beauty Education and the Beauty Industry in a week-long celebration of beauty. As the first cosmetology school to have a homecoming celebration, we take great pride in creating events that showcases the talents and spirit of our students, alumni, and the community.


This year, our 3rd Annual Homecoming weekend will take place on October 28th and 29th, 2023. The week is filled with exciting events, including a Hair Battle and Hair Styling & Cut parties, which culminate in a grand celebration of the beauty industry.


SMU's Homecoming History: 

 Our 1st Homecoming Week in 2021 saw over 100 community supporters, our 1st Sorority Probate showcase, and an impressive turnout of alumni returning to campus. Building on this success, our 2nd Homecoming Week in 2022 saw increased participation by inviting our rivalry school, Paul Mitchell Atlanta, to compete in the Homecoming Hair Battle, which we were proud to win first place in.


As we move forward to our 3rd Annual Homecoming, we promise even more excitement and beauty pride. Saturday, October 28th, will feature the Hair Design & Cut Party Prep Rally, showcasing SMU's Sigma Omega Beta Baddies and Celebrity Hair Stylists. On Sunday, October 29th, we have the highly anticipated Hair Battle Tailgate Party, where SMU's Peacocks will go head-to-head with our rivalry Beauty School.

Homecoming cut party 2023.jpg


October 28th will mark the day of an epic Hair Design & Cut Party, where hairstylists will gather to create the most stunning hair looks while partying. The showcase will be hosted during the 3rd Annual Style Mobb University's Beauty Industry Homecoming on SMU's campus.


The HaiR Design & Cut Party feature professional hair stylists showcasing:

  • Onstage Hair Cuts

  • Onstage Hair Styling 


Each stylist will put their creativity and technical skills to the test as they compete to be crowned as the winner in each category. The winner of each category will walk away with a $2500 Master Educator scholarship to earn their Instructor's license and a performance segment during the 3rd annual SMU's Homecoming Hair Battle. This event will be filled with celebrity judges, special performances, and a good time celebrating beauty pride! This is sure to be an inspiring and thrilling event that can’t be missed.

Hair Party
Har Battle

Hair battle 

tailgate party

Join us at Style Mobb University The School of Cosmetology (SMU) as we gear up for the thrilling 3rd Annual Homecoming Hair Battle. In the previous year, our esteemed rival Paul Mitchell Atlanta was left in the dust as SMU emerged victorious, clinching the esteemed 1st place. With this year's battle just around the corner, we eagerly await to see which audacious school will dare to challenge the unmatched talent of SMU's amazing Peacocks.


Calling all vendors! This is your chance to be part of an incredible event. Mark your calendars and save the date because you absolutely do not want to miss out on the magic that is about to unfold.

  • Homecoming Raffle Tickets
    Homecoming Raffle Tickets
    Sun, Oct 08
    Style Mobb University
    Oct 08, 7:00 PM – Oct 29, 7:00 PM
    Style Mobb University, 1777 Phoenix Pkwy, College Park, GA 30349, USA
    Win big for a small price while supporting SMU's Annual Homecoming!
  • Cut & Pretty Hair Battle Party
    Cut & Pretty Hair Battle Party
    Sat, Oct 28
    Style Mobb University
    Oct 28, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM
    Style Mobb University , 1777 Phoenix Pkwy, College Park, GA 30349, USA
    Witness professional hairstylists showcasing their exceptional skills & creativity in a fierce battle under the spotlight. With clippers, shears, & rolling irons in hand, they will set the latest to r&b & hip-hop tracks, making each snip and line etched in existence its a verses of the finest!
  • Vendors Homecoming 2023
    Vendors Homecoming 2023
    Sun, Oct 29
    Style Mobb University
    Oct 29, 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    Style Mobb University , 1777 Phoenix Building 100 Suite 120 College Park, GA 30349, USA
    Now is your chance to be apart of the world's 1st HBCU Beauty School. Differentiate yourself from the competition by supporting the fastest-growing beauty school owned by black women with a diverse and fast growing student & fan based.
  • Class of 2023 Graduation Dues
    Class of 2023 Graduation Dues
    Mon, Nov 06
    Hilton Atlanta
    Nov 06, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Hilton Atlanta , 1031 Virginia Ave, Hapeville, GA 30354, USA
    Graduation Fee: Cap, Diploma and Graduation program at the Hilton Hotel.
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