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The World's 1st Beauty School Sorority 


Sigma Omega Beta Baddies



Sigma Omega Beta Baddies’s mission is to cultivate and encourage Passion and Professionalism with in Beauty Professionals, to promote unity and sisterhood among the beauty industry, serve our communities, help to alleviate & break generational curses. 

Our goal is to empower the Cosmetology industry by increasing awareness and respect for its study, artistry and professional practice. We strive to increase access to quality education and resources as well as promote financial sustainability and innovation in the industry, ultimately striving to elevate cosmetology to its rightful place as a respected profession and established business

around the globe.


Sigma Omega Beta Baddies’s vision is to be a channel through which individuals can grow and develop, personally and professionally, while simultaneously servicing the community, bridging gaps and building healthy relationship among the beauty industry. 


 Lead Beautifully, Preform with Passion, Serve the Community. 

Sigma Omega Beta Baddies seeks beauty professionals who will promote, uphold and extend its policies and programs. 

Open season....  Q3 Interest meeting Summer 2023


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