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State Board Cram Course

Get Your Georgia Professional License in Cosmetology, Hair Designer or Instructor.

No matter what beauty school you attended for your Pre-license class, you are able to attend this 3  day class.

This review is designed to assist you in passing the course final exam and/or the state exam.

If you have completed the classroom portion or required state hours of any Pre-license course, then you are eligible to take this course.

The Cram Course is an absolute must for anyone who is preparing to take the Georgia Professionals Examination. No matter what school you attended for your prelicensing coursework, the Style Mobb University Cram Course will strengthen your content knowledge and will help you develop solid test-taking skills. This course has been specifically designed to be an extensive review of the prelicense requirements covering all aspects of the course. The course format breaks down the prelicense material into the major topic areas. Each topic area, written and practical is thoroughly covered by a lecture review and concludes with a comprehensive test and evaluation session. The instructor for the Cram Course has a 100% board passing rate  and a veteran educator with over 25 years of teaching experience. It is strongly recommended that students wait at least one week after attending the Cram Course before taking the school  final examination, and all students allow at least one week before taking the state licensing examination.

State Board Kit Rental

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state broad 2.jpeg

Our State Board RENTAL KITS have all the tools necessary to complete the State Board Practical Exam, EXCEPT for Sculptured Nail Products - Odorless Monomer, Polymer and Primer. Style Mobb University Advance Training Academy also help students prepare for the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology Exam by completely organizing and offering State Board Practical Exam Kit rental and purchase services.  ​Our kits are packed with individual pre-labeled bags to complete all sections of the practical exam. All equipment & tools are new, clean, sanitary and disinfected.  More importantly, to expedite your time and money, the kit is packaged, labeled and organized specifically to create a convenient, user-friendly supply of test materials. The design allows each test taker to concentrate on what they need to do rather than what they need to bring to take the state board exam.

Proctors will be so impressed with your SMU's exam kit!

The RENTAL COST for the State Board Cosmetology Examination Kit is $200 for 48 hours. Our kits are available by reservation ONLY. You must give a 3 day notice prior to your test date for us to guarantee you a kit. Students can pick up the kits the day before the state board exam so the students can familiarize themselves with the organization of the contents. Kits are returned by pre-arrangement after the exam. The kits are quality inspected twice by our staff and inspected twice by the kit renter with a state board checklist. We strongly recommend students to ensure all products are securely & accurately placed and products are in working condition once reserved. Therefore, we are not accountable for any damage(s), misplaced item(s) and or any other reason(s) due to failure on your final examination. 


Our State Board RENTAL KITS have all the tools necessary to complete the State Board Practical Exam, EXCEPT for Sculptured Nail Products - Odorless Monomer, Polymer and Primer.  

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