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International Student Enrollments
Select Pay in full prices to pay now or Select Application only to enroll wih payment plan. Prices may vary with payment plans
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Enrollment Contract Costs and Payment Terms:


I, the International Student, agree to pay the school the tuition and fees for the program selected in advance at the start of the program. If I have chosen the payment plan option, I understand that the tuition price may increase due to financing fees. The school reserves the right to prevent me from attending class until any unpaid balance is satisfied, at its discretion and without prior notice.


In the event that there are program requirements remaining after the contract ending date, I agree to pay additional tuition at the weekly going rate, per month, until graduation. Payment of the tuition must be made in US funds electronically.


All Beauty Beyond Borders programs are virtual classrooms with a live licensed instructor. As a student, I must have Zoom capability and kit to participate in the program. The tuition prices do not include items needed for the professional student kits. A list of required kit items will be sent via email before the program begins.


By signing below, I confirm that I have read the entire contract, understand its contents, and agree to comply with all requirements contained herein and the General Policies of the school. I will receive a copy of this fully executed agreement for my records.

  Welcome aboard!

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